Cycling for Wishes

Today, I along with 19 other insurance professionals, embark on a 500 km cycling journey from Montreal to Quebec City in support of Make a Wish Canada.

This is actually the second time I’ve biked for charity. The first trip was in 2011 and took place between Toronto and Ottawa. Like that first journey, we are scheduled to arrive at the RIMS Canada conference, the day before it begins.

Unlike that first trip, this one is going to hurt. Probably a lot. The terrain between Montreal and Quebec City is quite extreme, and it is certain to test the mettle of those of us used to our comfortable offices.

Why would we undertake something so crazy? My motivation comes from raising money for a charity I truly support, the chance to bond with other, similarly crazy insurance folks, and a stubborn streak that won’t let me say no.

So far, our team has raised $100,000 for Make a Wish. If you’d like to climb aboard a (virtual) bike and join us, you can sponsor me, or other members of the team by clicking on the link.

Mike Wills

President of Eagle Underwriting.