Aviation & Aerospace Insurance Program

Many traditional risks have an aviation or aerospace component. A road builder may also work on airport runways; an auto parts manufacturer might also build parts for aircraft. Excluded under standard insurance coverage, these exposures are often protected with a hodge-podge of policies and coverages, written by multiple carriers. This can result in potential gaps in coverage and a general sense of unease.

Eagle Underwriting provides one-stop-shopping for risks with an aviation or aerospace exposure. We offer a vast array of aviation and related coverages, and have teamed up with Evolution Insurance to provide coverage to those clients that also have non-aviation liability exposures. We can assemble a portfolio of insurance that protects your client against all forms of risk, including standard P&C, cyber and supply chain.

The next time you have a client with an aviation or aerospace exposure, give us a call. We’ll demonstrate how we are the experts in Things That Move.

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Mike Wills

President of Eagle Underwriting.