Related Specialties

Supporting “Things That Move”

With the specialized risks in Transportation, Trade and Movable property, there are often other exposures that the client will have that require insurance protection. These could be new emerging risks, or potential gaps in coverages that a client may have.

By focusing on the ‘big picture,’ Eagle is able to identify these risks and offer special coverages and solutions to ensure that your clients are properly protected against potential loss, and are able to continue to boldly grow their businesses.

We see this as a clear indication on how Eagle thinks differently. We are constantly looking for ways to help clients.


Eagle’s expertise in Related Specialties Insurance products can assist your clients to:

  • Pursue new, larger customers
  • Enter new markets
  • Access more capital, protect cash flow and protect the balance sheet


We focus on many different types of businesses in the Transportation, Trade, and Movable Property areas.

Types of Coverage.

Business office package — covers buildings, contents, equipment, general liability, personal injury & advertising injury, tenant’s liability, and non-owned automobile liability for several types of businesses.

A simple way to protect these exposures, with the same insurance provider as the transportation risk.

Environmental Liability — covers liabilities and costs resulting from pollution (sudden or gradual), for clients operating in the energy, transportation, contracting, and waste management sectors.

One of the fasted growing — and extremely volatile transpiration risk. We are able to provide coverage that is far superior to that of the standard extension.

Professional Liability — covers claims of negligence arising from professional services related to transportation, such as designers, consultants, ship brokers, custom brokers, and freight forwarders.

More and more businesses are assuming professional liability risks, which are not covered under a standard general liability policy.

Management Liability — combination of Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices liability and Fiduciary Liability insurance. Covers claims such as wrongful dismissal, lack of proper corporate governance, and mishandling of funds.

One of the most requested types of insurance coverage, particularly with start-up businesses that have grown rapidly into a sophisticated company.

Cyber and Privacy Risk — covers a variety of first party and third party exposures relating to privacy and data protection risk, for businesses operating in transportation and trade. Can include Cyber Extortion Threat coverage, and Network Business Income loss coverage. We also provide your clients with a suite of risk management tools to manage their exposures.

This is growing at an exponential pace, and is not only an IT risk. Businesses need to have a strategy to protect and mitigate the impact of an event.

Loss of License — covers against loss of license for aviation crew and air traffic control staff.

A coverage that can simply be added to an aviation policy, properly protecting a business.