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Things That Move.™

Seeing the bigger picture by taking a narrower focus.
The one stop shop, as most transportation insurers only protect part of your client’s total exposure.

At Eagle Underwriting, we help you understand the complete risk, and help you put together an entire portfolio of insurance products for your client.

This approach often starts with ships, planes, trains and trucks, but may also include warehouses, hangars, and offices. Many transportation risks need specialized liability products, such as cargo legal liability, ship-repairers liability, and aviation liability, and we will ensure that you understand what may be required and help you design a plan to ensure they are all covered. Even small and medium sized companies often have international exposures.

With our parent company, Revau, we are able to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ product offering with multiple insurance coverages such as property, casualty, environmental liability, and professional liability.

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We insure all modes of transport

Transportation involves the movement of property or people by water, road, rail, air, and even pipeline. Globalization has increased the demand for transport of all types, and the class gets more complex every day.
We offer an entire portfolio of products and services that enable companies to boldly grow their business knowing it’s protected against potential loss.


We write almost every type of cargo risk, from domestic and international cargo to Heavy haul Machinery and equipment, valuable cargo and perishables.
We provide hull & machinery coverage for ships and boats of all types and sizes. As well as marine general liability coverage, cargo legal liability coverage and even E&O for marine operations such as freight forwarders or terminals.

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We can provide aviation coverage to a multitude of aircraft, from a private aircraft to a fleet of commercial planes. With this we provide additional coverages to protect those clients, such as premises, products and hangarkeepers liability. We are able to cover the hanger and various non-aviation coverages such as environmental liability and CGL.
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It’s a changing world out there!

Not all “things that move” involve transportation. In fact, many banks, mining companies, manufacturers and hotel chains face international perils and risks that could cause them serious harm. Global companies need to consider Trade coverage that can protect their assets, income, performance and trade, in unpredictable places. Trade insurance usually includes:

Political Risk

Essential coverage for when things fall apart in a foreign land, this coverage protects physical assets, contract frustration, political violence and kidnap and ransom.

War and Terrorism

We help companies with serious exposures protect physical assets around the world whether they are on land, on the sea or in the air.
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If it moves, we can insure it.

Moveable Property

Specialized protection for assets on the go.

There are numerous types of movable property in the world that faces different perils and challenges every time it moves or changes location. We can help you protect it.

Fine Art & Specie

We welcome exposures related to fine arts and specie, from personal and museum collections to precious metals, as well as the people and organizations who own, ship, sell and exhibit them.
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Your clients have other needs, too.

Related Specialties

Companies with specialized risks in transportation, trade and moveable property have other exposures as well. To help you protect the entire account, we offer a number of related coverages that can help protect the total risk, such as a simple office package. We look at the big picture for avid solutions to help your clients.
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We want to write your “Things That Move”

We are experts in the field of transportation, trade and moveable property and have assembled a suite of coverages that can help you target and protect these exposures. We back up these policies with a wealth of expertise and a genuine desire to provide you with excellent service. We will help you identify new opportunities and support you every step of the way.
If you have a client with “things that move”, give us a call, or email.