What is TTM?

Your one stop shop Insurance for
“Things That Move”.

“We are the leading insurance provider for risks associated with Things That Move
This includes:
  • Transportation — risks involving the movement of property or people by water, road, rail, and air;
  • Trade — risks involving the exchange of goods or services, either domestically or internationally; and
  • Movable property — risks involving property whose characteristics are constantly changing or moving
These segments are some of the largest and most complex in the country, and are vital to the ever-changing economy. Unfortunately, the insurance market for these risks is currently fragmented and improperly serviced. Eagle is able to create value by offering the right mix of specialty coverages that enable the client to get the best products and services available.

Why Eagle?

“Most Insurers take their measure from the past – Innovators have an eye on the future.”

Eagle is able to create value by being a “One Stop Shop,” offering the right mix of specialty coverages that enable clients to get the best products and services available.  Keeping up with the modern movement Eagle can develop new segments of business that is currently underserviced in the insurance market, while also strengthening relationships with existing clients by identifying special and emerging risks.

Our recent acquisition by GroupAssur enables us to take the next step in our development of the most comprehensive products on the market for “Things That Move”.

Thinking Differently

“We provide client-centric risk and insurance solutions to specialized businesses, so that they can grow more effectively.”

Eagle’s approach has three key differentiators:
  1. Industry and product knowledge — we have specific expertise that enables us to deliver innovative products and solutions suited for “Things That Move”
  2. Operational fitness — we have efficiencies that facilitate an entrepreneurial environment and cost containment
  3. Client Experience — we are the industry’s only ‘one-stop shop’ for insurance and risk management for “Things That Move.”