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Protection and Indemnity cover is third party legal liability insurance for vessel owners, operators and charterers. Targeting larger yachts, special pleasure crafts, tugs, barges, passenger carrying and fishing vessels.

These legal and contractual liabilities are various in nature and could involve cargo, pollution, people as well as other types of liabilities. We currently write the following classes with limits up to 500 million and 1 billion USD.

Protection & Indemnity Liability
Designed to insure both the contractual and legal liabilities that your client may face as the owner of a vessel. Examples include collision, fines, pollution, general average, wreck removal, death or personal injury.

Charterers’ Liability Insurance
Designed to insure both the contractual and legal liabilities that your client may face as the charterer of a vessel. Examples include loss or damage to cargo, damage to hull, quarantine costs, collision, fines, pollution, general average, wreck removal, death or personal injury.
Additional coverages we also offer are:

Shipowner’s Liability to Cargo
Covers shortage of, non-delivery of or damage to cargo.

Cargo Owners Legal Liability
While Charterers’ Liability provides cover for liabilities in your client’s capacity as a Charterer, this insurance covers legal liabilities to third parties in your capacity as “owner of the cargo” carried.

War Protection & Indemnity
Covers liabilities arising or as a result of a war peril. Examples include crew, pollution and collision.

Hull and Machinery
Coverage for physical loss or damage to vessels of all sizes and types including small harbor-craft, charter vessels, fishing vessels, tug & barges, and ferries. May include increased value, loss of hire, third party collision liability, builder’s risk and war.

Freight, Demurrage and Defense Insurance
Provides cover of shipowners, managers and charterers for legal and other costs incurred in establishing and defending claims which arise out of an event occurring during the period of insurance/entry. A great cover, considered as a proactive loss prevention tool.


Why Choose Eagle?

…Because we value our brokers, offering guidance in each segment. We have the right mix of specialty coverages that enable clients to get the best products and services available. Tailoring our policies to suit your clients’ needs, so that they can grow more effectively.

For more information please contact:
Matthias Cissek
Tel: (905) 455-6608 ext. 108

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CCAA and Eagle Partner to Recognize Workplace Competency

CCAA logo-en
The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Eagle Underwriting Group that recognizes CCAA Partners and their commitment to workforce competency. Eagle Underwriting Group already offers a comprehensive suite of Risk Management and Insurance Solutions for the Aviation and Aerospace Industries, whilst CCAA National Occupational Standards and certification process remains the only program to recognize both knowledge and competence in 29 specific Aviation & Aerospace occupations.

In a new program that launched November 1st 2016, Eagle Underwriting Group will extend specific discounts to CCAA Partners that reflect their implementation of the CCAA program and the certified competence of their workforce. Competitive discounts are offered for companies who are current CCAA Partners. In addition, Eagle Underwriting’s discounts increase based on the recognized workforce competence provided by the CCAA.

Mike Wills, President of Eagle Underwriting Group stated, “We see a direct correlation between a well-trained and competent workforce and the level of risk a company represents when purchasing insurance. The CCAA system gives us a national, uniform approach to assessing this within the aviation and aerospace sector and we are delighted to reflect this in the competitive rates that we offer. We will be happy to discuss any insurance needs with CCAA Partner companies and their insurance brokers.”

Robert Donald, Executive Director CCAA said “I am very excited about this partnership with Eagle Underwriting Group. Not only does it recognize the work that has gone into developing the CCAA program over the years, but it also offers a tangible benefit to our Partners who have devoted time and effort into implementing it. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association between CCAA and Eagle Underwriting group.”

For enquiries on Eagle’s partnership with CCAA, Contact Eagle Underwriting at:

Contact CCAA at:

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Eagle Underwriting teams up with RaetsMarine

Eagle Raets

Canadian based Eagle Underwriting Group Inc. teams up with MS Amlin Marine NV trading as RaetsMarine to offer P&I and Charterers’ Liability insurance to the Canadian Marine Market.

Established in 1996, Eagle Underwriting is a managing general agency offering insurance coverages for “Things That Move” such as Marine and Truck Cargo, Aviation and UAV, Marine Hull, Marine Liabilities, Logistics providers, Environmental Liability, Political Risk and Trade Disruption Insurance.

Established in 1993, RaetsMarine is a leading worldwide operating fixed premium provider specialized in Protection and Indemnity insurance and Charterers’ Liability Insurance.

Eagle Underwriting will be offering P&I and Charterers’ Liability insurance on behalf of RaetsMarine. The combination of the intrinsic local expertise of Eagle Underwriting together with the specialist knowledge and service platform of RaetsMarine provides an unrivalled combination of expertise.

Bernie Cissek, Chairman of Eagle Underwriting said:

“Our mutual expertise in combination with the bespoke insurance solutions that we offer results in what we believe to be a fresh and unique proposition to the Canadian Market”

Bert Scheper, Underwriting Director of RaetsMarine said:

“The cooperation with Eagle Underwriting provides us an excellent gateway to the Canadian Market. Eagle Underwriting’s knowledge of the local market will allow us to grow our business in the Canadian Market”

Contact Eagle and RaetsMarine

Eagle Underwriting Group Inc

Bernie Cissek

Tel: 905-455-6608




RaetsMarine Insurance B.V.

Bert Scheper

Tel: +31 10 24 25 000



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Introducing Andrea J. Sterling

Eagle Underwriting Group Inc is pleased to announce the addition of Andrea J. Sterling, BCL, LLB, as Vice President of Claims and Risk Management.

Andrea J Sterling
Andrea J Sterling joins Eagle Underwriting Group

Recently a partner of a major insurance law firm in Montreal, Andrea brings over 20 years of experience in maritime, transportation and insurance law. Andrea has a particular skill in efficiently negotiating and settling insurance claims. “I am very passionate about assisting others through difficult situations, and I look forward to working with our brokers and clients to provide them with claims service that is over and above their expectations’, says Sterling.

The addition of Andrea greatly expands Eagle Underwriting Group’s ability to provide comprehensive services in the management of claims, both before and after a loss. Her experience in subrogation, contract and risk management will be a tremendous asset to both brokers and clients, minimizing the impact of losses and ultimately increasing their bottom line.

Contact Andrea at:
(905) 497-6609

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Eagle Underwriting Expands into Fine Art and Specie Insurance

To some, a painting, a classic car and other collections are more valuable than simply their monetary value. A standard insurance policy may give options to extend coverage for these items but only a monoline policy will ensure all aspects of risk are addressed. Eagle Underwriting Group offers a specialized approach to the client’s Fine Art insurance needs.

Recently, Eagle has brought Veronica Piñon-Standen on board to lead the development of the Fine Art and Specie division. After 12 years in the Fine Art and Specie insurance market in London, Veronica has gained a strong reputation and knowledge in the class. “With the rapid growth of Eagle’s product lines, Veronica brings the perfect combination of energy and expertise to the team in order to lead our Fine Art and Specie division,” says Mike Wills, President of Eagle Underwriting Group Inc. “We are excited to launch this new division which further strengthens our position as Canada’s leading provider for insurance for Things That Move™”.


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Cargo & Supply Chain Insurance

International trade represents one of the largest and fastest growing segments of business globally, offering tremendous potential.

Eagle is pleased to announce a new policy that combines cargo coverage with basic supply chain protection. Our priority is to protect the financial interest of the customer, so this package approach not only protects the customer’s cargo, but also the customer’s loss of profit or expense due to an interruption in their supply chain.

Eagle’s product is unique in that we are able to offer these coverages for single or multiple suppliers or buyers, or for the customer’s entire turnover.

Policy Benefits

Eagle has partnered with Lloyds to develop this unique product. With this, our brokers and clients have many benefits including:

  • ‘One-stop shop’ with simple and easy reporting
  • Customization for a particular peril or geographical area
  • Comprehensive information on developing global political situations
  • A copy of Eagle’s comprehensive Guide to Marine Insurance

Key Coverages

  • Physical loss or damage to most types of goods
  • Loss of profit and extra expense that arise from a disruption in trade caused by a specific event such as force majeure, collision of conveyance, closure of transportation route or port, and war or terrorism
  • Ability to cover special contracts that have penalties for delay
  • We can  provide, if required, other insurance coverages such as rejection insurance, cyber liability, product liability, and political risks.

* Always subject to actual policy conditions

Key Segments

Transportation – Logistics, marine, aerospace, rail, road

Commodities – Agriculture, mining and metals, consumer goods, forestry, machinery, chemicals, and more

Manufacturers – Importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors




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What if Forklifts Could Talk?

Telematics and the Internet of Things are popular buzz-words in the industry right now, as homes become connected and usage based auto rates become mainstream. But what does this mean for the transportation industry?

Imagine if every shipment held a sensor that tracked its movements, storing all the data in the Cloud. Now imagine if over time, we could use big data and advanced analytics to identify specific shipping routes that have a higher claims frequency than others; which ships seem to be more involved with claims activities and which trucking companies seem to damage their goods more often? Could we use this, and an unlimited  number of other factors gleaned from the data, to make our risk selection and rating more precise?

Could we develop usage based insurance products for expensive equipment, airplanes and rolling stock to reward customers who use certain pieces rarely and better rate those with high usage? Might we come up with entirely new products that uses data and analytics about the company’s overall operations to determine rates and coverage?

It’s time that we begin to talking about these emerging technologies and determining how we can use them to better service our customers while improving risk selection and rating. The Internet of Things is about to change how risk is measured. Let’s lead the way.

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Cyber Claims Facts & Figures

Cyber Risk Assessment & Data Breach company, NetDilligence just released its 2015 Cyber Claims Study, and it is quite enlightening. 

The study examined recent cyber claims from 19 North American insurance companies and explores the cause and size of the claim, the outcome, and the amount of settlement.

Among the Study’s findings:

  • 54% of the breaches occurred at small and medium size companies
  • The size of company had no relation to the size of the breach or the claim
  • There was insider involvement in 32% of the claims
  • The average cost per record affected was $964.31 (median cost was $13)
  • The average cost for legal defense was $434,354 (median cost was $76,000)
  • The average cost for legal settlement was $880,839 (median cost was $50,000)

The median costs are significantly lower, because a number of claims are still open, with only certain expenses being reported to date. 

The report is a fascinating overview of the type of breaches occurring and the costs that insurance companies are experiencing. I encourage you to see for yourself the toll that cyber crime is taking on NA companies of all types and sizes.

Download the report

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