Cargo & Supply Chain Insurance

International trade represents one of the largest and fastest growing segments of business globally, offering tremendous potential.

Eagle is pleased to announce a new policy that combines cargo coverage with basic supply chain protection. Our priority is to protect the financial interest of the customer, so this package approach not only protects the customer’s cargo, but also the customer’s loss of profit or expense due to an interruption in their supply chain.

Eagle’s product is unique in that we are able to offer these coverages for single or multiple suppliers or buyers, or for the customer’s entire turnover.

Policy Benefits

Eagle has partnered with Lloyds to develop this unique product. With this, our brokers and clients have many benefits including:

  • ‘One-stop shop’ with simple and easy reporting
  • Customization for a particular peril or geographical area
  • Comprehensive information on developing global political situations
  • A copy of Eagle’s comprehensive Guide to Marine Insurance

Key Coverages

  • Physical loss or damage to most types of goods
  • Loss of profit and extra expense that arise from a disruption in trade caused by a specific event such as force majeure, collision of conveyance, closure of transportation route or port, and war or terrorism
  • Ability to cover special contracts that have penalties for delay
  • We can  provide, if required, other insurance coverages such as rejection insurance, cyber liability, product liability, and political risks.

* Always subject to actual policy conditions

Key Segments

Transportation – Logistics, marine, aerospace, rail, road

Commodities – Agriculture, mining and metals, consumer goods, forestry, machinery, chemicals, and more

Manufacturers – Importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors



Mike Wills

President of Eagle Underwriting.