Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

What is Environmental Liability? It is a potential legal obligation to make a future expenditure due to the ongoing or future manufacture, use, release, or threatened release of a particular substance, whether such events are “sudden and accidental” or “gradual” in nature. Clients in every industry are subject to environmental risk and liability and is a growing concern for many businesses that are involved in transportation or trade.

Today there are stricter regulatory requirements which have increased the demand for a broader risk management and insurance solution in this segment. Eagle’s Environmental Impairment Liability insurance is tailored to provide your clients with a coverage that is far more superior to that of the standard CGL coverage; which they need to adequately protect their business from the continuously changing environmental landscape.

Standard Coverage’s

•      1st party clean-up

•      3rd party clean-up, bodily injury, property damage, natural resource damage

•      Emergency response

•      Gradual and sudden

•      Transportation

•      Contractors / Insured Work

•      Business Interruption

•      DIC Automobile Pollution

Who benefits from this type of Coverage?

•      Airports and Fuelers

•      Aircraft operators

•      Aerospace manufacturers

•      Marinas / Boat Yards / Ship Builders

•      Terminals / Ports

•      Rail Carriers / Rail Car Owners

•      Logistics companies including truckers and warehousemen

•      Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

•      Service companies – aviation, marine, rail

•      Combine with other insurance coverage’s such as marine liability, aviation liability, cargo liability

Even if you haven’t recommended Environmental Impairment Liability cover to a client in the past, it makes sense to re-examine the exposures of your client on a regular basis.

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