Developments At Eagle Underwriting In Western Canada

We are pleased to advise that Eagle has opened a service office in Vancouver!

Our new location is:

                 Eagle Underwriting (Pacific) Inc.
                 885 West Georgia Street, Suite 1500
                 Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 3E8

                  Tel (604) 683-0506

Cheryl Belland will be operating out of this office, and will be available to assist our brokers. She can be reached at (more…)

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Introducing Insurance for “Things That Move”

“Our vision for Eagle is to become a one-stop insurance provider for risks associated with “Things That Move”.

We’re excited to share our new vision for Eagle Underwriting.

Changes in the insurance marketplace and the globalization of business for companies of all sizes, have resulted in the need to view many risks differently – especially those with a transportation component.


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A unique strategy for an increasingly complex industry

Eagle underwriting’s ‘things that move’ strategy was developed in response to a challenging insuring climate that is making it difficult for brokers and clients to source adequate insurance protection, at a time when business risk itself is undergoing rapid change.

Much of the insurance industry sees players making substantial changes in strategy and direction based on what other carriers are doing, rather than examining what their clients actually need. Narrowly defined profit centres prevent many carriers from examining the while risk, and it is not uncommon for parts of an attractive account to be declined, simply because it falls slightly outside of one departments target class or fails to meet a minimum premium threshold.


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