A unique strategy for an increasingly complex industry

Eagle underwriting’s ‘things that move’ strategy was developed in response to a challenging insuring climate that is making it difficult for brokers and clients to source adequate insurance protection, at a time when business risk itself is undergoing rapid change.

Much of the insurance industry sees players making substantial changes in strategy and direction based on what other carriers are doing, rather than examining what their clients actually need. Narrowly defined profit centres prevent many carriers from examining the while risk, and it is not uncommon for parts of an attractive account to be declined, simply because it falls slightly outside of one departments target class or fails to meet a minimum premium threshold.

This, coupled with a lack of innovation has created an environment where many brokers are having to remarket risks due to volatile underwriting appetites and rates while cobbling together coverage from several carriers to protect their customers growing businesses.

Many of your clients are thriving despite our industry not keeping up with a changing risk environment, and are in need of greater insurance protection; a package  of specialty products and services that responds to rapidly changing society, global economies and political unrest; protection that leaves no gaps in coverage.

Things that move is as much an attitude as it is a unique package of insurance coverages and services. Our goal is to help you and your clients find a long-term home for their unique businesses.

When we insure things that move, we have committed to helping you and your clients navigate the complex world in which their business operates, wherever that takes us.

Mike Wills

President of Eagle Underwriting.